Lair Of A Squirrel Red


What’s the Lair?

The Red Squirrel’s Lair is a blog, shockingly enough. It is not however a personal blog, so you won’t be finding any family, holiday or food pictures here, nor will you be learning anything about my exciting personal life. I’ve got a live journal account for this kind of crap.

It should also be noted that the Redness of the Squirrels is indicative of their political orientation, not their race.

So what is it about?

It is a political blog. Herein you shall find commentary on various current issues about which you may or may not have seen/heard/read on the news as well as abstract theoretical ramblings ranging from Marxist legal theory to the nature of state power etc. Most of the stuff that will be posted here will be from a Marxist perspective though the Vanguard may sometimes host non-Marxist opinions provided that they can be placed on the far left of the political spectrum.

What do squirrels have to do with politics?

Nothing, I just like them and find their ability to mix labour and play quite inspiring – a positive transcendence of alienation.

Alright, why a lair though? Don’t squirrel’s have nests?

Indeed they do, but I find “lair” to be a much cooler word than “nest”. It’s more menacing.

What’s the squirrel vanguard?

The squirrel vanguard is the term that is used to refer collectively to the regular contributors to this blog.

So you’re like, a communist?


And are you in any group?

I am a member of the Scottish Socialist Party, but not everyone posting here is.

For more, just read the darn blog.


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