Lair Of A Squirrel Red

Cops are fash. No really! by korakious
February 6, 2008, 7:37 pm
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See that pic above? The guy wearing the white helmet is a Greek riot police thug. The guy he is having a chat with, with the black helmet, carrying the Greek flag, is a thug of the neonazi party Χρυσή Αυγή (Golden Dawn). No, there hasn’t been a right wing coup in Greece, it is customary for police thugs to be good pals with the fash. In fact, if you were following the Lair over the summer, you probably already know that Greek police is not famed for its good public image and social conscience.

This time however, the whole thing was so blatant, that even the mainstream media had to report it with a tone of indignation. You see, on Sunday, a number of left/anarchist/anti-racist groups organised an anti-fascist protest, as a counter demonstration to the one organised by Χρυσή Αυγή on the occasion of the 12th anniversary of the Imia/Kardak crisis. The demonstrators were, as customary, attacked by riot police forces, only this time with the assistance of the blockheads that had turned up for X.A. demo. A Synaspismos MP reported that he saw the riot cops distributing clubs and crowbars to the fash who then attacked the protesters and quickly retreated behind the protective barrier of the riot cops’ shields. A couple of folks got stabbed by the fash but they are not in danger. A good number were taken into custody but were released without being charged. There were no reports of any fash arrests. The mainstream media also did not report any injuries on the thugs’ part, however, Indymedia Athens mentioned that one of them got moderately wounded from an axeblow. Aye that’s right. An axeblow. What’s more important is that the X.A. demo got canceled as a result of the clashes. Sometimes I really miss Greece.


Oh my. This is hilarious. In a macabre kind of way. by korakious
April 29, 2007, 4:28 pm
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Deary me. The mind blowing stupidity and lack of originality of the BNP hurts my head. Did anyone know about this? I’d heard something about the BNP setting up a union – they do after all care so much about the working class – but this caught me completely off guard.

Funniness aside, the reemergence of Fascism in the UK is something we should deal with, beyond pointless unite against fascism flyers about how the BNP is a neo-Nazi party. We need to seriously challenge them wherever they appear. Fascism is an infant that must be slain in the cradle.