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Comrade Fidel announces retirement by korakious
February 19, 2008, 10:15 pm
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Enjoy your retirement comrade.

I shall not be commenting on this. I made a post about it not too long ago.

The struggle continues.


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He didn’t actually resign, as far as I can tell. Just decided not to stand for the presidency.

He’s still in the Parliament, and the PCC, and will continue his “reflections”.

Hardly a “retirement”!

Comment by Wombo

He doesn’t seem the retiring sort. In any case, he has not retired from the revolution…

Comment by charliemarks

I salute you Fidel for helping bring and sustain the first socialist revolution in the western hemisphere. Right up there with Lenin, Trotsky and your comrade Che.

Comment by Raphie

Let’s hope that Cuban workers soon get free trade unions.

Comment by Jim Denham

Certainly, Fidel will still be active. But this is certainly a milestone and his workload will decrease a lot. I think he deserves it after so much time.


Actually, let’s not. Let’s hope that Cuban workers see an extension of their far reaching local democracy to the workplace in the form of councils, thus making TUs redundant.

Comment by korakious

a small country like Cuba who resist against the american imperialisme is a great nation that we should respect it and respect her leader FIDEL CASTRO

Comment by oussama hariri

If there was no revolution or no fidel castro , Cuba will be now like bolivia.

Comment by oussama hariri

glad to find this place

Comment by william wren


are you going to write about the Cyprus election result – we rely upon you!

Comment by Andy newman

Yes, please write something about the election results in Cyprus.

Comment by YES!

I’ll add my voice to the growing cacophony (well, Andy and YES!) about a Cyprus article. Go on, do one just in time for this week’s Carnival!

On Castro, what is it about leaders of the left – be they the head of, ahem, proletarian bonapartist dictatorships or Trot groups that seems them clinging on to the top job right to the very end?

Comment by a very public sociologist

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