Lair Of A Squirrel Red

Oh well… by korakious
February 17, 2008, 6:22 pm
Filed under: Imperialism, NATO, Russia, Yugoslavia

Kosovo declared independence.

That’s Georgia done as a viable state then.

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Now… You don’t suppose Alex Salmond will get any ideas? Some kind of deal with the US?

I can see him whispering into Bush’s ear, “Let’s say we drop opposition to nukes and open wide for some foreign capital penetration?”

All the while, Donald Trump looks on, his eyes sparkling with lust…

Comment by charliemarks

Oh definitely. When was the last time the SNP mentioned their commitment to withdraw from NATO?

Comment by korakious

Was it when SNP party headquarters emailed you to request that no futher mention is made of their commitment to withdraw from NATO on your blog?

Did they threaten to force feed you salmon? Or was is sturgeon?

Do tell.

Comment by charliemarks

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