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Fuck aye. by korakious
February 9, 2008, 7:24 pm
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The following is a letter to the Morning Star by comrade David Stevenson. It happens to be entirely correct.

SSP will outlast Sheridan’s sinking ship
(Friday 08 February 2008)

I LAUGHED when I read John Wight’s horror story (M Star February 3) of a “socialist taliban who seized control of the Scottish Socialist Party leadership and who were responsible for destroying it as a broad, inclusive and vibrant socialist alternative.”

However, laughable as it is, it shouldn’t go unchallenged. The reality is that the majority of SSP members ultimately saw Tommy Sheridan for what he was.

Consequently, his tabloid-launched campaign to regain the convenership of the SSP hit the buffers and, as a result, he and his fan club ran away to form the inaptly named Solidarity, an organisation composed of two political organisations that can’t stand each other – and which do almost zero campaigning for Solidarity – plus individuals who can’t escape the need for a “personality” to lead them.

As predicted, this organisation is coming apart at the seams – in the week that Tommy Sheridan was charged with perjury, Solidarity’s sole councillor left to join Labour.

This was accompanied by the “leaking” of an SWP discussion document that referred to its association with Solidarity in the past tense and a flurry of online discussion, including a contribution from John Wight, which as good as admitted that Solidarity was a dead duck.

Funnily enough, his letter doesn’t mention Solidarity even once. The sinking ship is in the process of being deserted.

There have been changes in the political landscape that have been detrimental to the SSP, but the objective conditions that contributed to the growth of the party have not changed much and there is still a real need for a left alternative at various political levels in Scotland.

The SSP, having maintained its integrity, retains the potential to fulfil this role and will be around long after Solidarity has sunk into the swamp which it has created for itself.



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Huzzah for that, and good riddance to Sheridan.

Hopefully a resurgence of the SSP will help convince folks internationally that it’s still the socialist organisation to talk to and work with in Scotland. It seems like that several of my US comrades don’t want to touch either side of the issue.

Comment by Zeus the Moose

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My view is that Sheridan, the CWI, and the SWP would have been better off sticking with the SSP, which from an English perspective was enviable – a united & pluralistic workers’ party with seats in the national parliament.

There’s lessons to be learnt for the SWP and SP in England and something for Galloway to ponder over…

Comment by charliemarks

It was obvious to me the SSP was not going to disappear as it retains the key trappings of any socialist organisation: a solid and well integrated cadre. This was always going to be more difficult for Solidarity to achieve, but not impossible. Also, AFAIK the CWI in Scotland does not do its own thing to the detriment of Solidarity. It’s sticking by the project has gone down well with most Solidarity independents, whereas the SWP seem hellbent on alienating their comrades. Time will tell if Solidarity manages to soldier on.

Comment by a very public sociologist

Well AVPS, the CWI has been better integrated into Solidarity than the SWP, but that was expectable, as its politics carry far more weight with former Millies than the swips’. However, you should note that their paper replaced the call to “build the SSP as a mass party” with “build a new party of the working class” not “build Solidarity”. And with the latest developments…

Comment by korakious

There are probably still people out there who think Gerry Healy was fitted up by the state, and there will probably be people who think there was a huge conspiracy against Sheridan even if he does time (by no means a certainty at this point, though I am not at all surprised he has been charged).

But it is obvious “Solidarity” is a dog’s breakfast of an organisation. Its members either primarily campaign for other organisations like the Swips, defect to other organisations like Ruth Black did, or are not very bright generally.

Comment by Eugen Levine

I like the iconic photo of the Great One at the head of this item. He looks like a rabbit caught in headlights.

Comment by Eugen Levine

It is indeed quite amusing. Probably the only good thing to have come out of that horrible night.

Comment by korakious

His mouth is a near-perfect semi-circle pointing downwards. This shows that he has remarkable muscle tone in his face. I for one could not do that. I would be worried about the top and bottom halves of my head separating.

There is something very David Cronenberg about this photo.

Comment by Eugen Levine

And notice the eyes.

Comment by korakious

They say the eyes are the mirrors of the soul. In which case, he has problems.

Anyone can have an unflattering picture taken of them. I was once photographed when I was about to sneeze. I looked like Winston Churchill having a very bad day.

Comment by Eugen Levine

It would seem that Gail is in today’s Daily Record – if the Press Association is to be believed, she has been suspended from her job at British Airways over missing alcohol miniatures.

Comment by Eugen Levine

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