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Crazy search. by korakious
October 13, 2007, 11:47 am
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Right, I don’t usually do “Search of the week” kind of posts, but I thought this was fairly interesting.

Apparently, one of the google searches that led people to my blog was about…..

i fucked my brothers arse stories

Do you know where it led them?


Reckon the gods of the Internet are trying to tell us something?


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Stroppyblog gets weird searches like that usually to do with portuguese porn… (!!)and Hazel Blears, George Galloway. Put these searches together you get something quite scary….

yeah, the gods are saying more porn… (well, in StroppyB’s case)

Comment by Louisefeminista

Aye, but what about my case? Hardcore Sheridan-Galloway porn?




Comment by Korakious

Yeah, comrade, I think you have drawn the short straw…

Sheridan/Galloway porn…what a combination…Swinger Sheridan on page one with Gorgeous George on page 3 wearing nowt more than a smile and smoking a cigar.

Oh dear… I have caused more distress and will be banned from blogs for describing disturbing images…

Sorry Korakious…I will pay for the therapy

Comment by Louisefeminista

Actually, Galloway/Sheridan slash fiction might be quite appealing….

Comment by Charlie Marks

I get Google Searches because of my post about porn star Nina Hartley being a Trotskyist sympathizer.

Comment by Renegade Eye

“i fucked my brothers arse stories”

Sounds like an interesting sub-genre of…something or other.

Comment by V

Yiannis why were you googling “I fucked my brother in the arse stories” anyway?…..

Comment by Andy Bowden

I wasn’t Andy; the point is, that someone that was ended up on my blog. Strange are the ways of the Internets.

Comment by Korakious

eh, I just got a search string asking something or other about a character in “Last of the Mohicans.” christ only knows why. i’ve never read it or posted about it in my life.

Comment by belledame222

Have you had any other weird wacky and wonderful searches lately?

Comment by Louisefeminista

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