Lair Of A Squirrel Red

Uhm, this is just wrong, ok? by korakious
September 29, 2007, 6:58 pm
Filed under: Scottish politics, sectariana

Dear Daily Record,

Please don’t do this ever again.


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Phwoar, what a stud.


Comment by Charlie Marks

Now that’s plain scared me now. If I have nightmares about hairy werewolves then I am charging you the cost of therapy….

Shudder..! Shudder! Shudder! Shudder! I have that image in my head and it won’t go… Aaarrgghh

He obviously thinks and so does Gail that he is some hunky sex god… Oh dear! Delusions of grandeur…


Comment by Louisefeminista



Seriously though, I wonder what Solidarity members think of this. Is this what iconic socialist leaders do?

Can you imagine Lenin and Krupskaya posing like that?

Comment by Korakious

“Can you imagine Lenin and Krupskaya posing like that”?

But was Lenin as hairy as that..?

But yeah, it does seem that page-3 pin-up Sheridan is taking the piss and it will be interesting how Solidarity members react….if they still have any members left.

I wonder if Galloway will be next to bare all wearing nowt but a smile and Lynx body spray(‘cos it drives women wild…)smoking a Cuban cigar…?

Why did I say that, I have two images in my head now that I can’t get rid of……

Comment by Louisefeminista

Oh, for goodness sake Louise!

Why did you conjour up such a hideous image!

Why did Sheridan, for that matter?

Hey ho. I suppose its the only way to get noticed these days, and as they’ve cancelled Celeb Big Bro…

Comment by Charlie Marks

Sorry Charlie, but as they say misery likes company…

Blame the Red Squirrels…they started it. Cheeky squirrels.

Comment by Louisefeminista

Atleast it wasn’t Gallaway.

Comment by Renegade Eye

Well at least Galloway made a move that may unintentionally have set progressive developments in motion. See the Socialist Unity blog for more on this.

Comment by Korakious

“Can you imagine Lenin and Krupskaya posing like that?”

No but perhaps Lenin and Inessa Armand?

What I cannot imagine is that if there was an article in a Russian newspaper accusing lenin of having an affair with Armand, that he would sue that paper for libel and expect the party ot lie for him.

Comment by AN

Or Trotsky and Frida Kahlo?

Comment by Korakious

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