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Oh my. This is hilarious. In a macabre kind of way. by korakious
April 29, 2007, 4:28 pm
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Deary me. The mind blowing stupidity and lack of originality of the BNP hurts my head. Did anyone know about this? I’d heard something about the BNP setting up a union – they do after all care so much about the working class – but this caught me completely off guard.

Funniness aside, the reemergence of Fascism in the UK is something we should deal with, beyond pointless unite against fascism flyers about how the BNP is a neo-Nazi party. We need to seriously challenge them wherever they appear. Fascism is an infant that must be slain in the cradle.


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I don’t think there is a ‘revival of fascism’ in the UK at all. There might be a moderate rise in votes for BNP in a (very) few places and areas, but that does not mean that there is a ‘revival of fascism’.

It’s more to do with the collapse of politics and ideological alternatives. The left/right thing has gone. What passes off for politics today is how many times they come and empty your rubbish bins.

So people look around to find ways of sticking their finger up at the political class. BNP in some areas is the way they do this.

But a rise of fascism this is not. And elevating wankers like the BNP into some kind of deep ‘problem’ just makes them feel an importance they simply don’t have.

Comment by beatroot

You’d be surprised at the increase in race crimes all over the UK. There is a general resurgence of the far right in the whole of Europe. Dismissing it is just dangerous.

Comment by Korakious

I posted about “solidarity” a while back.

their difficu;ty will be persuading the regualting offcer that they are actually acting as a trade union

Comment by AN

Can you give us some statistics to prove that race crime has gone up?

And remember: the definition of that crime has changed. In the old days prosecutions as race crimes went ahead after the police had defined them as such. Since the cops were often racists then this tended to under report them.

These days these incidents get filed as race crimes if the victim defines them as such.

But even so: what’s the latest stats on this?

And excluding that, race crime does not equal ‘fascist’…

Comment by beatroot

I don’t have figures for race crimes per se. But the shift at the moment is towards ‘Islamophobia’ crimes. They have gone up, of course, haven’t they?
Well, no they have not.
Crown Prosecution Service figures for 2005-2006 – in the aftermath of the 7/7 bombings, when politicians, the police and others predicted there would be an anti-Muslim pogrom – there were only 43 cases of religiously aggravated crime, 18 of them against Muslims (or ‘perceived’ Muslims). This represented a decline from 23 anti-Muslim crimes in 2004-2005
But the police must be picking on Muslim you, right?
Well, not really.
Iqbal Sacranie, general secretary of the Muslim Council of Britain, has claimed that ‘95 to 98 per cent of those stopped and searched under the anti-terror laws are Muslim’. It isn’t true. Figures from 2004 showed that 21,577 were stopped and searched, and the vast majority of them – 14,429 – were white. Around 14 per cent were Asian, a far cry from Sacranie’s 95 per cent who were allegedly Muslim (4). The police, far from being at the forefront of an imagined wave of Islamophobia, have encouraged the Islamophobia agenda as a convenient cover for legitimating tougher interventions into working-class areas of Britain, where they’re apparently needed to keep the baying mob and the victimised Muslims apart.

Don’t allow the cops more powers on the back of a fascist panic that doesn’t exist.

Comment by beatroot

I don’t have the stats either, but it’s pretty much an accepted fact in Glasgow.

And excluding that, race crime does not equal ‘fascist’…

Of course not. Fascists do not get support on the basis of support for their ideology, they gain support by playing to peoples concerns. The BNP is growing and that’s a fact. Why it is growing is of no concern. It must not grow enough to be able to spread its poison. It must be killed in the cradle.

Comment by Korakious

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