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So long, fucker. by korakious
April 24, 2007, 7:39 am
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You know, I was going to make a very long post about how much of piece of shite Yeltsin was.

But I won’t. I don’t need to. No matter how much bourgeois journos weave him peans as a “liberator”, his legacy – and popularity – in Russia speak for themselves.


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I think that to reduce Yeltsin to just being a ‘fucker’ is not really helpful.

The western media have actually not been hero worshipping him. There is loads about him selling off state assets dirt cheap (true) lots about the awful Chechnya war (true) and of course, that he was a super-lush.

It would be more accurate to point out that the west did once worship Yeltsin. They cheered him on when he came to power as some great champion of freedom, etc.
It was only when Russia’s rapid decline under Yeltsin started to hurt the West, that the west started to turn against him.

And then we got son-of-Boris….Putin. And he has made Russia a (energy) power again. And the west has got nervous about that. They don’t like a weak Russia, they don’t like a strong one.

So the west is not impressed with Boris’s antics – but it did used to be.

Comment by beatroot

Well, I can’t see him than any thing more than a bloody fucker. I mean, he is not even a respectable class enemy.

The thing with Putin’s Russia is that it basically throws all the end of history crap out of the window. Putin has sought to strengthen Russia and reestablish her as a global imperialist power.

The west, thinking that since evil “communism” was gone, Russia would somehow become their loyal friend, as if they hadn’t experienced inter imperialist competition before, is obviously troubled by that evil man Putin, that is rolling back the democratic achievements that have been made in this country. What exactly it is that Putin is rolling back is not entirely clear to me, as he hasn’t really done anything that was not within the bureaucratic constitution installed illegally by west dear Yeltsin.

One thing is certain. Next year’s election in Russia will be very interesting.

Comment by Korakious

The election will just be a formallity, as Putin’s popularity is so high that anyone he chooses as a sucessor will be elected and democraticly.

Comment by varus

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