Lair Of A Squirrel Red

Attention Comrades by korakious
April 10, 2007, 3:40 pm
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The Squirrel Vanguard will not have regular internet access until next week.

We are very sorry for disappointing our regular readership. Please occupy yourselves with our blogroll until we return.


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Good blog. I found it plugged at the ‘Socialist Unity Blog”.

Comment by Renegade Eye

Now that’s a shame….

Btw: In the meantime, will you be gathering nuts/food? As it is the start of spring and supposedly the worst time for the bushy tailed vanguard….

I have some monkey nuts going begging though the squirrels in my back garden will scoff them for you.

Comment by Louisefeminista

Louise, we have in the past had problems with finding food in the past during this time of year. However, thanks to our Great Leader, we have devised 5 months plans that help store food more efficiently.

Comment by Korakious

Korakious: Will this be known as the great leap forward for the bushy tailed vanguard..?

Comment by Louisefeminista

Indeed. A cultural revolution will soon follow.

Comment by Korakious

Hi Rob & Kourakious;

Many thanks for the link to Shiraz Socialist – I’ve returned the favour. Out of curiosity, how did you hear about us?

Comment by voltaires_priest

I think I found a link to your blog on socialist unity. Or was it splintered sunrise?

Comment by Korakious

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