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SNP unveils "independence" plan by korakious
March 25, 2007, 10:43 pm
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BBC reports that Alex “I-look-like-a-St. Bernard dog” Salmond has revealed the SNP’s plans for a referendum on Scottish Independence. This is yet more evidence that, as I argued some days ago, the SNP is increasingly turning into a clone of its Catalunyan counterpart, Convergència i Unió and should not be seen as a viable political force for Scottish independence.

Apart from restating the intention of the SNP to hold a referendum towards the end of their term in Holyrood, in order to prove that they are responsible in office – newspeak for “good bourgeois lapdogs” – Salmond also revealed the wording of the question that his party would ask the Scots. According to the BBC:

Voters would be asked if they wanted to negotiate a new settlement with the UK Government so that Scotland becomes a sovereign and independent state.

Got that? Negotiate a new settlement. What kind of “settlement” would British capital agree on? Certainly one that wouldn’t hurt the Crown and the vast array of undemocratic powers it provides. Certainly one that would make Scotland a low-tax haven for big business. Most definitely one that would guarantee Scotland’s remaining a junior partner to American imperialism. The SNP leadership would be quite happy to accept such a deal. At least Scotland will have her own national anthem, her own passports, her own UN representative and a whole lot of other important stuff like that!

SNP. It’s time!

Or is it?


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